Jumaat, 24 Februari 2012

What Is sold.my

Welcome to our site! The way you shop might never be the same again!

Sold.my, an affiliated site of Sold.sg, is an innovative auction website that offers users the chance to win brand new luxury and lifestyle products and services at greatly discounted prices. A whole variety of items are put up for auction daily. They include, the PS3, iPads, iPhones, Wii, digital cameras, tv sets, airline tickets to popular destinations, hotel and spa vouchers and many more.

To begin, purchase some Tokens from our site as these will be used to help you place your bids. If you see something you like, place a bid for it. If no one places a bid after you and the auction closes, you win the item. If someone places a bid after you, the countdown timer will increase by 20 seconds, much like a real auction, where the auction master goes, “Going once...Going twice...Sold!” It is as simple as that....or not quite.

There are strategies involved that make the auctions a lot more exciting and entertaining, for example, you can employ the use of auto bidders to help you place your bids. The mission here is to Outwit, Outbid and Outlast your fellow bidders, win the item you want and have a truck load of fun while doing it!

The future of entertainment shopping has arrived. Revolutionise the way you shop today!

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